46 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities, Games, Tools & Ideas for Your Remote Teams


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Just use the /ice slash command in any chat and an icebreaker will appear. Slack itself is a very useful tool for employee communication. But the apps available within it are what make it a standout team-building software solution. One of the applications included in G Suite is Currents. This app helps keep your employees informed, engage in conversations with each other, and get real-time updates.

What is the first light icebreaker?

2) First Light

Here's how it works: Tell your team, “You're alone in a dark cabin. All you have is one match, an oil lamp, a fireplace, and a candle.

Be mindful of where your participants are likely to be when virtual icebreaker activities start. This may influence the time they can devote to the call, as well as their degree of involvement and engagement. You’ll need to https://forexarticles.net/android-vs-ios-app-development/ decide whether the same employee would lead the virtual icebreaker activities or to implement a rotation policy – who gets to choose and lead the activity? Decide if this will be a regular exercise or a onetime activity.

2 How do remote teams have fun?

Amphy’s “Song Showdown” class is an entertaining class that will challenge your team’s musical knowledge. Break your meeting into partners and give them ten minutes to get to know each other. Have one person introduce someone else in the group each week. Does someone on your team make a great omelet or have a hobby? “Teach a Man” can break the ice while providing skill-building mini-lessons. However, instead of asking the questions out loud, you write them down instead, and the teammate chooses which option they would prefer.

(Here’s a downloadable virtual Bingo card template you can modify.) Give everyone a card, and tell them to find people who match the facts on the card. The first person to get five squares in a row and shout Bingo wins. ‘Simon says’ is another great activity to help engage your team and bring some laughs. The group leader can instruct team members to perform actions such as hopping on one foot, jumping jacks or even a dance move. Make sure to confuse your team by giving fast ‘Simon Says’ commands and see if they can catch up. Keep going until you have one employee remaining and allow them the prize of being Simon Says the following week.

2 Team Building Activities for Big Teams

Bonus points if they can guess most of their coworker’s rearranged items. No virtual team-building activity can give you the same adrenaline rush as a virtual murder mystery! Everyone has to put their heads together to crack the puzzle with the clues given, so it’s the best way to encourage teamwork, hands down! I liked the sound of the Murder in Ancient Egypt game by TeamBuilding. If you are looking for a fuss-free enjoyable way to conduct a team-building event, then Hooray Teams is a great option.

  • You can start easy if you’d like or give them a couple challenging riddles right off the bat.
  • Conduct a personality test or an interesting quiz before a virtual encounter.
  • Learn best practices to power event success for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

You can also dive into our articles featuring the best virtual team building activities to keep your team motivated and connected. From virtual trivia to exciting team ice breakers and employee engagement strategies, we’ve covered everything that will unleash the full potential of your team. We’re going to give you lots (and we mean lots) of ideas for virtual ice breaker questions. But before we do, let’s talk about how you can implement them into your virtual team building activities. From virtual icebreakers to remote team building activities, we have many opportunities to engage our employees and strengthen our teams.

In Another Life

Set a theme before the meeting and encourage participants to share their office doodles. Virtual meetings can often be uncomfortable and even intimidating, especially for individuals who do not know each other or are new team members. Also, you know that not everybody is an extrovert, and some persons feel uneasy interacting with others.

  • For example, A time travel-themed treasure hunt that requires you to find a hidden treasure using a map.
  • Quick questions is the perfect game for teams that want to find common interests between colleagues.
  • They require minimal prep and can work for groups small and large.
  • One of each pair will then read the story to their teammate and ask them to fill in the blank spaces.
  • Once everyone has gone, the person to the left of the employee is up next.
  • There are a lot of different ways to promote your treasure hunt.
  • Get your virtual chat into Brady Bunch mode so you can see everyone’s faces.

Try to keep a good balance and use a variety of questions. Give each employee one minute to share and one minute to answer questions from other employees. For each round, select a designated drawer for each team and have them use a generator to get the word they need to draw. You can meet afterward to discuss what was surprising, key messages, and more. To make it even more fun, you could ask your employees to dress up as a character from the movie and share why they choose that character.

Q: Can employees and coworkers play the riddle game virtually?

In trivia icebreakers, you need to write down several questions – at least as many as the number of members of your online team. With a good virtual icebreaker, you don’t have to worry about distance being a barrier to your team’s productivity. For a virtual icebreaker to be effective, it must be engaging and involve the participation of all team members. That way, each teammate will know more about their colleagues and create a stronger bond with them. A week or so later, follow up and ask them to create a headline for what you’ll be doing in 10 years.

How do you break the ice in a virtual meeting?

  1. Take a picture of a view from your window and post it to Slack.
  2. Find something smaller than your fingernail.
  3. Bring the softest thing you own.
  4. Change your Zoom background to your favorite movie set.
  5. Bring an item that's older than you are.

Primarily, they are meant to “break the ice” between employees who don’t know each other much. One could get to know a new team member, or it might be used to kick off a training session What does a Remote Customer Service Agent Do? or a team activity. To play this popular guessing game, divide the team into groups of three. The team moderator has to personally text one member of each group, the word to be drawn.


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