How to Become a Cyber Security Specialist?


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Knowing how firewalls work, operating them, and maintaining various endpoint security measures is a must. Mitnick Security, is a security consultant to Fortune 500 companies and the governments of many countries globally. In addition, Kevin also helps the FBI close cybersecurity cases with his extraordinary talents and intelligence. Monitor the application performance and network to identify some unusual activities. AI – Artificial intelligence is the next level of technology innovations that developed machines capable of accomplishing tasks that generally require human intelligence. Though AI is considered one of the young innovations, it has been widely used to bring consistency and reliability to various technologies. You cannot protect your network unless you know how routers, firewalls, and other devices operate.


Other job titles that you might see in your search include IT Security Specialist, Network Security Specialist and Internet Security Analyst. Here’s a small sampling of companies hiring cybersecurity specialists.

Mobile Security

The interactive tour how to become a security specialists video interviews and 360-degree panoramic views of 20 different locations across the MLK and SWC campuses. Visitors can interact with hot spots throughout the tour and listen to audio guides describing the programs and resources available in each building. Performed Linux administration on systems within the cyber-security infrastructure. Provide interpretation and explanation of DoD cyber security policies and procedures. Perform network and systems monitoring and analysis, incident management/remediation and forensics activities. Coordinate and perform compliance audits in accordance to the information protection, data asset and threat provisions under DISA and USCYBERCOM. Cyber Security Specialists in America make an average salary of $93,395 per year or $45 per hour.

  • What awaits you is fun, challenging work that will keep your mind occupied and, at times, your heart beating fast.
  • They base their forecasts on historical market data and on current events as well.
  • You should earn this one after working in cybersecurity for at least five years.
  • Discover the steps to become a security specialist, including education and work experience.
  • It will also be your responsibility to make suggestions to increase or harden security for any data or information.
  • The path to becoming a security specialist is also important to consider.

In terms of higher education levels, we found that 13.8% of cyber security specialists have master’s degrees. Even though most cyber security specialists have a college degree, it’s possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED. A report from Ponemon Institute and IBM showed the average cost of one cyberattack was $4.24 million in 2021. This figure represents the highest level of damage in the last 17 years. The rise in data breaches has increased the demand for cybersecurity experts globally. Big and small companies alike are striving to protect their cyberspace. In this article, we explore cybersecurity, salaries, job outlook, and how to become a cybersecurity specialist.

How To Become A Cybersecurity Specialist

They are responsible for the integrity and security of the organization’s network and must keep all data secure. To accomplish this, they typically work with a team of other Cyber Security Specialists and usually work directly with other employees and department leaders as security issues arise. WGU is an accredited online university offering onlinebachelor’sandmaster’sdegree programs. In addition to your degree, you may also want to consider getting a certificate in an area of cybersecurity that interests you. Another way to advance is to earn your master’s in cybersecurity or a closely related field. If you plan to move into the C-suites, you need to have the skills and knowledge to work as a Chief Information Security Officer . This is a broad field, with thousands of opportunities in each specialty.


Most big or small businesses are moving to cloud-based storage solutions. A cloud security procedure should also be kept to avoid damaging the organization’s valuable data. Due to the ease of accessing the data on the go, cloud storage has become quite popular. It hence has become a critical part of the digital infrastructure of an organization. It deals with the compliances related to how the data is stored in the cloud and the privacy aspect of it. It has some dedicated tools to ensure that information accumulated over the cloud is distributed and maintained securely. Some techniques employed are micro-segmentation, data encryption and threat intelligence, monitoring, and prevention systems.

Step 2: Specialize In Industry Certifications And Clearances

Offensive Security has funded and is in charge of the maintenance of Kali Linux. AI has unmatched human capabilities that help detect suspicious activities online in a fraction of second that may otherwise have remained unaddressed. As a result, AI is widely used in cybersecurity sectors as it is equipped to address new emerging threats.

What are cyber security experts/specialists?

Cyber security experts are specialists in charge of monitoring the organization’s network to prevent unauthorized access. To safeguard the systems from cyber threats, cyber security experts implement cyber strategies such as robust firewalls, encryption, strong passwords, and solid cyber frameworks.


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